July 2019 goal review

Hey budgeting people, As you all know, goal setting is something which I feel is vital to day-to-day living. Of course, setting the goals are only step on in achieving them. The second step is having a plan, and the third step is monitoring progress. This is my progress for my goals, in July 2019. […]

My Why for paying down debt…

Hey budgeting people, The Why of doing anything is the strongest motivator in reaching goals. If you have superficial reasons for having goals, like “oh everyone wants this goal, so I should have it as my goal” then you are never going to reach it. I did that, and I was miserable. And unsuccessful. So, […]

July 2019 Debt Snowball review

Hey budgeting people! It is that time, where I share my debt snowball numbers, and my favourite part, the trackers! As I am just starting, the snowball isn’t as exciting as it could be. I am not someone who can put hundreds toward my debt each month. Hopefully it will get more exciting for you […]

July 2019 Budget Report Card

Hey budgeting people, You know how I said I graded myself on my budget? Well here it is. This idea was Budget girl’s and I liked the idea. While she didn’t literally write it out like this, she gave me the idea, so credit goes to her. This is going to be the shortest post, […]

July 2019 mid-month review

Hey budgeting people, Welcome to the first mid-month check in. I intend to do this every month, in order to keep myself accountable. It will also help in knowing how much I have already spent, and why, and hopefully, stop further spending if I am nearing the end of a budget category. Below is my […]

July 2019 Budget plan

Hey budgeting people, This is my first budget plan. This is for the month of July 2019. Hopefully, I can stick to it! Keep your fingers crossed for me. Without any further ado: My budget is arranged in importance/ when I pay it. I start with debt payments as that is my priority. If you […]