Mark those milestones! Keep the motivation…

Hey budgeting people, Today, lets talk about one of the most important parts of goal setting. Whether it is money related, health related, or any other goal, celebrating positive movements to the goal is essential. In my opinion, marking milestones, and celebrating your success is just as important, if not more so, than goal setting. […]

My rocky debt journey so far….

Hello budgeting buddies, Today I wanted to talk about my history in paying off debt, and how the journey has been; before I started the blog and documenting it month by month. Debt journeys are all unique, they all have their struggles and have their triumphs. Mine is one with a heck of a lot […]

Public announcement: please be kind

Hey Budgeting buddies, Today’s blog post is not about budgeting and if that’s what you were looking to read today then I apologise. However, please read as it’s an important facet of this blog. As I will be discussing my spending habits and explaining why I am spending on what I am. So, this will […]

Debt avalanche method

Hey budgeting people, When I began budgeting and thinking about paying off debt (Because that is productive) there were only two most popular way to paying off debt. The debt snowball and the debt avalanche. The snowball focuses on the actual payment owed whereas the avalanche focuses on the interest rate. To start, you must […]

Debt pinball method…

Hey budgeting people, The debt pinball is a debt repayment concept I found in the treasure trove of YouTube. The video this post is based on is: Digging Out of Debt with Lanette. Please check it out. It is a genuinely interesting concept, and she explains the story to how the Debt Pinball came out.  […]

Debt free timeline

Hey, budgeting people, Today is the day we talk about debt free dates and debt free timelines. Knowing your starting debt free date to be an incredibly useful tool in incentivising yourself to keep to your budgets. It is also motivating so you “find” more money in the budget to speed up the process. If […]

Cash envelope review

Hey budgeting people, In the month of July, I had decided to try out the cash envelop system. If you haven’t heard about it, it may be something you want to try. This system is what it sounds like. Envelops with the budgeted cash in them. Simple and easy. Personally, I found the cash envelops […]

What Went Well… July 2019

Hey Budgeting people, Evaluation is everything. If you don’t review your progress and find friction points, progress is difficult to achieve. These are some of the friction points and difficulties I came across this month. Budgeting is easy, sticking to the budget is what is difficult. If we are open with what we were successful […]