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Student loan debt pay off tracker (with 30 book symbols)

Student loan tracker – with cute little book symbols. With 30 books, split into 6 rows of 5, so you can easily and visually keep track of how much of your Student loans you have paid off. This is fantastic for those who love to keep a visual track of you’ve accomplishment AND what you need to do to reach the finish line.


Student loan tracker – bookshelf

Student loan tracker in bookshelf form! Containing 61 book icons to utilize for your debt paying off journey. A bookshelf of three shelves of containing 19, 20 and 22 book icons. If like me you have an overwhelming amount of Student loans, having a tracker sheet with a bit more of a unique layout of the icons may be beneficial. Still an amazing tool to keep track of what you’ve achieved and what’s left to achieve. Especially useful for those who are more visual.