Budgeting Life Coaching

Welcome to the Budgeting Life Coaching page.

This is the page where you can book 1-1 personalized financial coaching with me, either by phone, email or getting yourself an action plan.

This coaching aims to help you in organizing what in your financial life is the most important and to be a sounding board to which strategies would work well with you, your lifestyle and your needs.

Coaching with me is a safe and confidential place to discuss goals, needs and worried in relation to finances.

Real life financial coaching. Where books smarts and real life mistakes merge to help you on a quicker path to financial greatness.

Why choose financial coaching? And why choose BLC?

Financial coaching aims to:
-> Help understand issues, resolve problems, and pursue my goals
-> Come up with strategies to negate emotional and impulsive spending
-> Provide information, education, and guidance so you are able to make decisions and actionable plans to reach goals
-> Assist in starting and maintaining a spending plan
-> Aid in money management and savings for goals
-> Help understanding credit, it’s purpose and how to use it

A financial coach can and will do all of above. Getting yourself on solid foundations in your finances is vital regardless of your current income which is why financial coaching is such a vital thing to look into.

Why chose Budgeting Life Coaching?

By choosing BLC, you are choosing you.
At BL blog you can see not only the successes but the failures too, because we are all human. That philosophy translates into coaching as well. We are aware that humans are emotional, impulsive and sometimes unmotivated. This is why we don’t only just look at the “math” or simplicity of “it’s an income issue; just get more money” but the actual human aspects of money as well.
Every session is personalised to the client, and the clients needs and wants, including method of communication.

We provide a range of coaching, for comfort and budget!

Personalized e-mail financial coaching

E-mail coaching is something I wanted to offer for those who are either short on time, or just people who prefer written communication.

This type of coaching will give you more freedom to think about what you need, what to ask and space to articulate fully what works for you and what doesn’t.

As you don’t need to wait for a scheduled meeting, you can email when it pops into your mind.

As privacy is the utmost concern for me, I have an email address specifically for coaching, that has end-to-end encryption and has been ranked high on security by a number of experts.

So, if you’re preference is written communication and /or a more relaxed structure in coaching then this maybe for you!

Live phone financial coaching

Personalized phone coaching is the more traditional coaching style if you like to be able to get immediate feedback to your thoughts in a session.

It allows for you to have a set 1 hour appointment via a phone call with your coach.

This allows you to clarify your goals, plans for building your future, and getting feedback as you go in the session.

Personalised action plan

Personalised action plan uses a financial coaches’ expertise, to make a plan for you to reach YOUR goals. Whether this is debt repayment or FI.

Are you self-motivated? Know where you want to be? Well, here is a session for you!

An extended session, which allows you to create a financial plan, with a coach on the phone/via E-mail to help guide you to your success!

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