September 2019 mid month budget review

Hey budgeting buddies, How is your budget going? I must admit, I struggle staying on track. Usually, it is at the end of the month. But September was very…spendy. Here is my halfway through the month review for September 2019. Got to admit, it is a little painful. As in, I overspent…A lot…. And its […]

August 2019 debt snowball review

Hey budgeting buddies, Today is one of my absolute favourite posts to write – even if I have only written one so far. It is one I look forward to every month. That is… my August 2019 debt snowball review. I get to break down my progress and to congratulate myself on the hard work […]

August 2019 goal review

August 2019 Goal review Hey budgeting buddies, It is that time again. Time to check what goals I have managed to achieve this month. This is so I can keep track of my progress and celebrate the little wins. As my debt paying off journey, this is going to be a long road. We all […]

August 2019 Report Card

Hey guys, It is the end of August 2019, and it is time for my August 2019 report card. I have been excited to post I have been working hard to stick to my budget. Reducing the cost of various things i.e. try to do cheaper activities, buy cheaper items when binge eating or buy […]

August 2019 mid-month review

Hey budgeting people, Here is my mid-month review for the month August 2019. This is where I keep myself accountable to my budget and my goals. Here is my updated budget which states what has been spent so far this month. As you can see, I have yet to overspent in any category. Which is […]

August 2019 Budget Plan

Hey budgeting people, Here is my second budget plan. While this is not the second time I have budgeted, it is the second time I am documenting it for myself, and now posting it on the internet. Pretty scary, so please be kind. Above is my budget, which I will work with throughout the month. […]

Why I choose the debt snowball method?

Hello budgeting buddies! I thought I would write a post as to why I chose the debt snowball as my personal debt payment method instead of the other main overarching method of the debt avalanche. Just so you know my reasoning for it, especially if you are still in the process of choosing your debt […]