Bankruptcy UK edition…

Hey budgeting buddies, Here is a post, which I will be quite honest with you, didn’t even occur to me to write. I was speaking with a coaching client of mine, and they told me, they were thinking about declaring bankruptcy. I will honestly admit it took me a minute to calm myself down because […]

May 2021 Budget plan

Hey budgeting buddies, Long time no see… So that was a long break and for that I am sorry. Long story short, I have been keeping up with my debt payment plan, however I did just need to take a bit of a break. So let’s get on with the Budget plan… Like always my […]

January 2021 Debt Snowball Review

Hey budgeting buddies, It’s that time of the month again, where I simultaneously feel ridiculously happy and horrified at the same time. Happy because I am putting something towards my debt, and it is going down. Then I get horrified that my debt has so little overall movement because the payments for one debt gets […]

January 2021 Budgeting plan

Hey Budgeting Buddies! Not going to lie, it has been one heck of a year. However, I hope that everyone is well, safe and/or recovering. Regardless of whether you have been directly affected or indirectly affected, or even if you were not affected at all, I wish you all a better year in 2021. It […]

New Year; New Me! – Starting over :)

Hello Budgeting Buddies! I think we can all agree this year has been traumatic. With families being separated, with people losing their jobs; losing their places to live as well as either getting sick or knowing a loved one has been/ is sick. As well as a whole host of other issues which have cropped […]

October 2020 Budget plan

Budget plan for October 2020 Hello Budgeting Buddies, You have likely noticed a huge jump in budget plans from September 2019 and to this one, October 2020. This is because while I have been budgeting, writing budget plans and reviews, things got away from me. First personal stuff, then Covid, and while I tried to […]

September 2019 Debt Snowball Review

Hey budgeting buddies, Today is the monthly debt snowball check in for September 2019. I will be honest, writing these reviews and collecting the information for the process makes me so happy. It is one of the most favourite parts of my month. Sad? Maybe… However, it keeps me focused on my goals instead of […]

September 2019 Goal Review

Hey budgeting buddies, Welcome to my September 2019 goal check in. This is where we measure what I hoped to achieve to with what I have achieved. Starting with goal number 1! My $1,000 Emergency fund. I am not there yet, but I ran the numbers and I should achieve this by December 2019. If […]

September 2019 End of month review

Hey budgeting buddies, September 2019 has been an interesting month. It has also been an incredibly spendy month. It was my birthday month, so happy birthday to me! The actual overage between my spending and income, is not as much as it appears. This is because I was gifted some money. I just hadn’t added […]