New Year; New Me! – Starting over :)

Hello Budgeting Buddies!

I think we can all agree this year has been traumatic. With families being separated, with people losing their jobs; losing their places to live as well as either getting sick or knowing a loved one has been/ is sick. As well as a whole host of other issues which have cropped up.

Due to this global trauma, as well as significant personal changes, and a season of very turbulent mental health, the blog kind of tapered out.

Firstly, I want to apologize for those of you who have been reading the blog and were disappointed I have not kept up with it as I should have. While I was not writing on the blog, I would occasionally sign in to look at the analytics, so I could see that some of you have been clicking onto different pages. So, for you who were checking in, I am sorry I did not produce more.

To the person/people who have been checking in, on my blog nearly every day, you really have inspired me to continue with both my blogging and inspiring me to not just give up with budgeting and paying off debt.

Luckily, it is New Year, New Me time so this is going to change! I am going to be writing posts more consistently about my own journey and the other posts I have been dreaming about writing but have not yet. I have so many ideas, I am super excited!

Truthfully, I absolutely love writing this blog. I enjoy writing about a topic I am obsessed with. I am so passionate about budgeting and its importance to helping to build a new life and set yourself (and your family) up for a better future.

I genuinely believe that managing money is a skill that needs to be learned and popularized in the mainstream world. It is a significant part of the battle in bettering ourselves. While there are other major factors do come into play. I do think there is a lot we can do ourselves to help us, be in a better financial position.

I would absolutely love if you can all add comments to the posts, sharing your stories, and tips and tricks you have found that help you with your budgeting too. The more people involved in this community and in the discussion, allows us to reach our goals.

This blog brings me so much peace. It keeps me accountable to my budget. It also forces me to be better. Not only because I have to tell you guys, but also makes me think “bigger”.

It also allows me to discuss topics I read about and have opinions on! Which I hope gives you different takes on things. Not only budgeting but everything to do with finances.

Thank you for giving me the space to be myself.

In 2021, my main goal for this blog is that I am both consistent in my posting and post interesting content.

My secondary goal is I have more consistent and interesting posts in my social medias.

New year, New me!

Watch this space to see my financial life flourish but also to have posts which (hopefully) helps you have a flourishing financial life as well!

I hope that each one of you have a fantastic start to the New Year!

Love all of you who have been helping me in this blogging journey! This year is going to be the year, that this blog and brand is going to do amazingly.

Thank you to all of you who have supported me since the very beginning! There are a few of you from my real life who have been amazing, and of course the people checking in!

Much love to you all, and a happy New Year!

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