September 2019 mid month budget review

Hey budgeting buddies,

How is your budget going? I must admit, I struggle staying on track. Usually, it is at the end of the month. But September was very…spendy.

Here is my halfway through the month review for September 2019. Got to admit, it is a little painful. As in, I overspent…A lot…. And its only the 15th.

Without further pleasantries, here are my numbers, and the breakdown is at the end.

This part of the month has been crazy. I went on vacation, which is why I am not as mad at myself as I probably should be. It is also my birthday month! So, a little bit of celebrating and a little bit off too much relaxing.  

My debt category is the first thing I pay, every month; I budgeted $230, however I ended up transferring $250. This is because I wanted to make sure I sent over £175 for the debt payment. Due to currency exchange rates, and transfer fees which are included in my debt payment I had to pay more. While $20 is not going to break the bank itself, $20 in every category will. Kind just starts a negative trend.

On the Brightside, the Emergency fund got its usual $100. The first goal I am aiming for is $1,000. I set mini goals within larger ones. $1,000 is not the final amount I plan on having for my emergency fund, but it is the first milestone I want to achieve before aiming to get more.  This is also the second thing I pay when my paycheck hits. This is part of “paying yourself first” or in my case, “paying the goals first”.

The tax Sinking Fund also got it is usual $100. I should be right on target for paying my tax bill in full in April without issues. If anything changes, I will let you all know.  I do not want a repeat of last year where I had to cash flow. Luckily, last year was not that bad, but it will be more expensive this year.

I spent more for Christmas than I was planning. This is because I began purchasing Christmas presents already. I also put some away in the sinking fund which is why it is almost double. I put the cash for the sinking fund as well as so I can keep up to date with the saving amount I need.

Whilst the travel fund appears to have money remaining, this is because I did not categorise things like food, souvenirs, or any cash spending into my travel fund. Originally, I was going to do, but then I decided I would just categorise it normally, and then take the money out of the sinking funds. This made my life easier, and then I do not have to worry about whether it was during my vacation or not.

I put $22 in my Slush fund this month. It is one of my favourite categories, because it is nice to have a safety net. I am glad to have to gotten to put cash to it this month, for the safety net.

I have one birthday this month. For a two-year-old. I changed it to $10, thinking that a toddler’s gift could not be so expensive. I was wrong… Why is kids presents so crazy expensive and annoying? Like I wanted to get a doll; and they were all much higher than I really wanted to spend. Why? Please someone explain.

I also completely forgot to budget for the small trinkets, of “I was thinking of you while away”. So that is why it is over budget by a large amount. In my head – I did only pay the amount I was willing to pay. However, I need to start pre-planning these things and incorporate them into my actual budget.

The only two categories I stuck to in terms of spending nothing was the blog and clothes category. I am fortunate in being able to say I have enough clothes, that are serviceable, and I am hoping they stay that way. This is because I hate going clothes shopping although it is necessary. As for the blog, I hope to begin putting money into it soon.

The fun category was only $1 over budget, which is awesome, and I am so proud of myself for sticking to it. For the vacation I did pre-buy a few things to see and do, and I did one item each day. However, I did not book any museums and going to a history heavy city, means that I had to go to at least one. I will not regret it.  It was incredibly informative, and the museum did a great job. Worth $16. Just wish it went a bit slower as they tour guides spoke so fast to fit everything in.

Food. My downfall was unsurprisingly over budget. It was not all junk food, which is always a bonus. Next time I really need to go grocery shopping and buy snacks and bringing a thermos. That would have reduced my bill by at least $45.

My personal category was supposed to be $0. I did an inventory before the start of the month, and decided I had plenty of everything. Then of course, I go on vacation and my migraines and back pain came in full throttle while I was away. So, CVS I come.

Just want to say, that both the back pain and the migraines got bad. I say this because try not to take medication too often. Therefore, I did not pack them.

The fee is just the standard bank fee I get every month.

This other got very heavily used this half of the month. While it is supposed to be for subscriptions and misc. I had a few misc. items that I needed to do. For example, getting art by a local artist, which is worth more than I paid, and I would only be able to get it there. As well as a once in the lifetime experience, that I could only do on vacation, so I had to just accept the cost.  

Thank you for sticking with me. I know this first half of the month, I went crazy this month. I did have a good vacation with lots of memories and I got to meet a bunch of lovely people along the way.

Much love, and happy budget reviewing!

Comment time questions:

What is the best month you have had budgeted?

What is the worst month you have budgeted?

What is the highest amount you have gone over budget?

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