September 2019 End of month review

Hey budgeting buddies,

September 2019 has been an interesting month. It has also been an incredibly spendy month. It was my birthday month, so happy birthday to me!

The actual overage between my spending and income, is not as much as it appears. This is because I was gifted some money. I just hadn’t added it to my income. So, here are the numbers.

Debt being the focus of my budget, was originally budgeted to be $230. Like I said above, it was my birthday and I got given some cash for my birthday. Huge thank you. Therefore, my final amount paid to debt this month is $350 (£269). That is an incredible £91 that I will never pay to debt again.

For my Emergency fund, I paid the usual $100. I am currently trying to beef up my emergency fund while paying off some debt. This is because, my debt repayment and emergency fund are both time sensitive, and I need to have both paid down debt, and saved money by August 2020.

Tax is like one of the essentials in life that I have to pay. I put $100 per month into this sinking fund. It should be more than enough to cover the next tax bill.

I overspent a bit on Christmas this month. I put the $48 in my sinking fund for Christmas, but then I was shopping for a birthday and saw some Christmas gifts, and I went ahead and bought them. While I probably should have not transferred the sinking funds to be “on budget” I didn’t want to take away of that pot.

As for travelling, I used quite a bit of it. While being my birthday month, I also went on vacation. I had a lovely time, but as you can see, my spending went a bit over the top.

Mostly due to the fact I have a serious caffeine addiction, and the coffee shop got the coffee from also happened to do some amazing food bites and ice cream. While my budget is so under for travelling, this is because I felt it would be dishonest to claim it was for travelling when its food, but also, I spent the money because I am travelling. Make sense to anyone? Any ways, long story short, my travelling fund is now gone.

The Slush fund is my favourite category, I put it straight into my sinking fund an easy category to “spend” my money. This is my “just in case” if I run out of money, I can take it and put it to my account.

I had one birthday this month, I budgeted $10, for them. I went over budget; this is because I forgot to put in my budget my tokens of “I’m thinking of you while away”. I hadn’t planned on some of it, but next time I will remember to plan the tokens next time.

As for the blog, I have not budgeted for it and have not spent any cash into it.  I was right on budget for this category. Which is nice, as you need small wins occasionally. Even if that is by not spending money.  

I basically stuck to my budget for the fun category too. Only going over by $1. I am not going to get mad about it. Food on the other hand, is something I really need to confront.

I overspent on food. I cannot and won’t defend myself. I just went crazy. To mitigate this, next time I will bring a thermos and maybe my own coffee.

As coffee and eating three meals out in one day is where most of it went. The three-meal thing I could not have avoided, as I had nowhere to go for the whole day and could not bring food with me. That being said, I could have reduced the amount gone to a supermarket.

I also did lose $10 because I did not check my change at the shop when buying snacks. Lesson learnt, stop distracting the cashier, and yourself. Check change! Always check the change!

For clothing, I can happily announce, I stuck to my budget by spending $0.           

As for personal, I cannot say the same thing. The one thing I did not think I would have to pack was ibuprofen. Of course, the one thing I definitely needed was ibuprofen.

The reason this frustrates me so much is because I had so much at home, and I even though ‘oh maybe I should pack it’ and I did not. That lack of consideration cost me $6. On the brightside, I now do not need to buy ibuprofen again for over a year, and I have a range of sizes of containers. So, I can take it anywhere.

The fees section is the standard $5 I pay the bank every month, to have a bank account. This bit will not change. So, feel free to skip over this part after this post.

My other category is for all that does not nicely fit into any others. Whilst it is grossly over budget, I cannot get mad at myself for doing it.

Some of it was on a once-in-a-lifetime experience; while more of it was to support a local artist, which resulted in me getting some beautiful work. It is was definitely worth what I paid, if not more.

Thank you for sticking with me on this end of the month review. I wish I had stuck to my budget, and I am a bit mad that I did not. However, we cannot be perfect all the time.

Much love, and happy budget reviews!

Comment time questions:

Did you stick to your budgets?

What was something you struggled with this month?

Does anyone else get spendy on their vacations? Or their birthdays?

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