August 2019 Report Card

Hey guys,

It is the end of August 2019, and it is time for my August 2019 report card.

I have been excited to post I have been working hard to stick to my budget. Reducing the cost of various things i.e. try to do cheaper activities, buy cheaper items when binge eating or buy the cheapest but yummiest items on the menu.

Without further ado, here is my report card.

I am incredibly proud to announce that every budget line was stuck to like glue – aside from the gym line. Despite this, my overall grade is still an A. The overage was double the normal payment, but as this is due to me breaking my contract and will save money in the future – I cannot complain.

This month I decided to save myself $47.00 every month, by paying the upfront cost of cancelling. I will use the money I am not paying towards to gym to refill the money I borrowed from myself.

Thank you for reading!

Much love and happy budgeting,

Budget time questions:

What your report card looks like this month?

Was it worth the hard work?

How much did you put towards debt?

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