August 2019 mid-month review

Hey budgeting people,

Here is my mid-month review for the month August 2019. This is where I keep myself accountable to my budget and my goals.

Here is my updated budget which states what has been spent so far this month.

As you can see, I have yet to overspent in any category. Which is awesome. I do tend to overspend. This is something I must work on and am actively working towards.

I structure my budget in the order for what is the priority for me.

Debt being the highest priority for me right now, which is why it is the first line item.

I have paid the full budgeted amount for my debt category. This is incredibly exciting as I also have upped the amount I am now budgeting for my debt payment.

The second priority is my emergency fund. I paid the full amount which I had originally budgeted for.

I paid more than normal because I had to repay myself from the previous month, where I spent some of my emergency fund.

I am excited because I get to see my emergency fund growing. It will take me a while to get my goal up of $2,000, but it is nice to see that I am at making some progress.

For my tax sinking fund, I have budgeted $100, and I have paid the usual $100 into my sinking fund.

My Christmas sinking fund got $20 this month. This is on track to have the amount I am prepared to spend per person.

The travelling fund had $355 budgeted for it. I put that amount in my sinking fund account. I am hoping to have a trip soon, so I have been budgeting more for it.

The trip has been priced out previously, so I know roughly how much I am going to be spending while there. I will also need to buy flights and reserve a place to stay soon.

Unfortunately, I was not able to put any extra money into my slush fund. However, I have not needed to use any extra cash so far this month.

Gym is a fixed expense, which I have still not gone to in the last couple of weeks. I will be completely honest; I am starting to think that I should be cancelling this. I usually pay this at the end of the month, which is why the money has not been spent yet.

For birthdays, I have one person to buy for. I will be giving them $20 cash. They are at the age where cash is preferable to actual gifts these days.

I have not budgeted any money for my blog this month. However, I will be putting money towards it soon. I am excited to be putting money towards it as it will be able to make the blog live.

$20 got budgeted for gas and transport. This is to let me go visit some friends and go see something interesting, and just so if I need to get out the house, I can go. So far, I have not used any money from this category.

“Fun things” has had $20 allocated for it. I have not used this category either this month, however I am sure by the end of the month, I will have used at bit of it at least. This is because I do have other goals to achieve. In my honest opinion are more important than some frivolous activity.

I have budgeted $20 for my food. This is to keep me from buying the most expensive things in restaurants. It is also so I do not buy the entire ice-cream and chocolate isles in the grocery store. So far, I have spent a little bit over half of it. I still have a little bit left in case I decide to have any other food needs.

I am budgeting $0 for clothes this month, as I am not in dire need for new clothes just yet, and while I do need some jeans, it is still warm enough, and I can get away with shorts for the next few months. So far, I have not spent any of the money on this category.

My budget of $0 for personal this month. So far, I have spent $0 in this category. This is because I bought some last month which should be enough to cover me for this month.

Fees are fixed at $4.95 from the bank. I cannot get rid of them and I have no intention of changing banks. The stress and time are not worth the saving of $5 per month. This usually gets taken out of my bank account at the beginning of the month.

The other category has budgeted $18 for this. I used wallet money to cover other line items last month, and now I need to replenish it. So far, I have only spent $8, which didn’t go to my wallet money. However, it was worth the money spent.

August 2019, so far has gone really well budgeting wise. I am incredibly proud of the progress I have made. Truthfully by this point, I am usually over by one category or more.

Thank you, for sticking with me on this journey so far!

Much love, and happy budgeting…

Comment time questions:

How is your month going?

Do you have any specific categories that you struggle with?

Any you find it really easy to stick to?  

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