August 2019 end of the month review

Hey budgeting people,

Here is the last review for August 2019. I will admit that overall, I did decently. Whist I did overspend in some categories, I underspent in others. The table shows the complete breakdown. 

In total, I only ended up overspending by $20.46. I am not too upset with it because it will end up helping me saving money to use in other areas.

The highest priority is my debt category. I have paid the full amount that I have budgeted for. This is incredibly exciting as I also have upped the amount I budgeted.

While only an extra $30, it does speeds up my debt repayment journey. As most of my debt repayment gets taken up by a minimum payment from the personal loan. The additional $30, has increased my overdraft payment to £75 per month.

My emergency fund was paid to the amount budgeted. It also got repaid from last month and increased. My emergency fund is growing – slowly but surely.  

Tax SF, Christmas SF, Slush fund and Traveling SF all got what they were budgeted for at the start of the month. Although, I did in fact use some of my sinking funds. Firstly, I borrowed $60 to just pay off the cancelation fees for the gym, so I will not have to be paying close to $50 per month, every month. I went ahead and just paid it, and restructured the next couple months, to repay my sinking funds.

Furthermore, September is my second week of vacation for the year. So, my Travelling fund got a bit of a hit when I booked this vacation. The activities and food on this trip will be covered by my travelling fund/budget for next month.

I do intend on going to the grocery store as the Air BnB I am at does have a kitchen. I do want to go out for lunch a couple of times. I plan to do a lot of sightseeing and free/cheap activities. I am going for the historical aspect, which is why I chose it. So very budget friendly!  

Gym is a fixed expense, which I have now gotten rid of. I paid the extra $60, using money from some sinking funds. I crunched the numbers and decided that I was better off to just pay it off, and pay myself back, then to save up and paying it off, while still incurring the monthly fee.

Paying $47 per month for something I wasn’t using is madness.  The cancellation fee is set, so while saving up for the cancellation fee, I would still have to the pay of $47 over three months. Whereas paying myself back, would be over two months, and I would not have to cut any budget lines to find the extra cash.

Sticking to my budget for presents, I only spend $20. Technically, I borrowed $1.10 from driving, but that is honestly a negligible amount.–

I have the pricing in mind for my blog. I will only start to contribute soon. I am excited to start this as it means I can get the blog up and running properly, instead of just writing content.

I was completely under my budgeted amount. I spent $2 using a bus, and $1.10 borrowing to pay for a card. As that is all I spent for driving, I did not feel guilty using the money from there.

Going under my budgeted $20, by half for “fun things”. I am excited, as I did manage to go see people, and I socialised. I also went for a hike which was beneficial for my mental health. I may put $5- $10 aside from this category to get a pass to drive in all the national parks.

Last month, I said I would try and only buy one unhealthy item. This did not happen. But I was on budget with all my indulgent, unhealthy food. So #winning, I guess.

I am happy to report I managed to stick to the $0 budgeted amount. Good job to me. While I keep telling myself I need new clothes, and shoes, I only really need sneakers. Hopefully, I will stick to my guns, with myself.

$0 were spent on personal. What I bought last month, covered this one too.

Fees are fixed from the bank. I can’t get rid of them and I have no intention of changing banks for the next year. May sound bad to you guys but the amount of personal time and organising is not worth it. I would rather pay $5 per month, and not have to stress myself out, and dedicate lots of time to change banks.

For “Other” I was under by $10 of budgeted amount. I will be pocketing the extra $10 to have in my wallet for emergency cash.  

Thank you for being with me in my August 2019 review! I hope you found it as interesting as I did writing it.

Much love, and happy budgeting 😊

Comment time questions:

What are two categories you are most proud of?

Which ones do you think I am missing?

What is your indulgent category?

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