Public announcement: please be kind

Hey Budgeting buddies,

Today’s blog post is not about budgeting and if that’s what you were looking to read today then I apologise. However, please read as it’s an important facet of this blog.

As I will be discussing my spending habits and explaining why I am spending on what I am. So, this will include mentions of some things that are incredibly personal; eating habits, goals in general, mental illness and self-care; I have a few requests.

I ask two things. Know your limits and be kind.

If these things are sensitive for you, or you can’t empathise (I am not judging) or it’s not something that you would like to read about, then please click away.

If we are discussing things that you know will get you in a bad headspace, don’t do it. If there is something you do not like, let me know. If you can’t understand someone’s logic in something, ask nicely.

Not to be discriminatory but I want to build a welcoming community where everyone is welcome. I don’t want people feeling attacked due to other comments, and I don’t want people getting upset if a trigger happens.

Whilst I try and keep things light-hearted and not focus on things I need to work on personally, these things are evident in my spending. For example, I overeat junk food. My budget can’t, and I won’t hide it.

This is for multiple reasons, including linking to my mental health. Is it something I am working on? Yes. Is it something I am ashamed of? Not really. I am human and I have things I need to work on.

However, I also don’t want people feeling uncomfortable, or unable to comment because of fear of trolls.

I doubt I will highlight these cases or explicitly go into adverse effects, but I may mention it. I know these things will get touched upon, and I want it to be able to be discussed in the comments and be a safe space for other people on this journey who are also human with feelings. Or going through tough times of their own.

Paying debt and building wealth is tricky and huge stress, so I will be discussing the up and downs of this journey.  That is why I wanted to do a blog. Despite there being hundreds of blogs, and YouTube channels and Instagram accounts all on this subject, I wanted to create a safe space for me to articulate my ups and downs, but I also wanted to find like minded people so we could support each other and troubleshoot solutions when needed.

Two, I ask that you be kind. I want this blog to be a safe place to discuss issues that affect personal finances. When you are suffering and need to take a mental health day – which may cost you a day’s work? I want to be able to discuss it with you guys. If you guys are people who need specific amounts of down time and can’t do that “extra” hustle. I want to be able to discuss it.

Also, if you are a hoarder and can’t sell some items due to the hoarding? I want to be able to discuss it and have an open discussion with you guys.

When there is an income issue within any of my budgeting groups, the first suggestion is to sell things. Which is an awesome idea and a valid way to make money; unless you are not yet there emotionally. There are somethings that I could never sell regardless of my financial position. I doubt these items would make money; but I still have them and could technically try and sell them. But I know I won’t.

If you can’t be kind, we can’t have these discussions.

My main goals for this blog are to keep me accountable and focused to clearing up my mess and becoming more financially free to breath and have options.

My secondary but no less important, is to build a network of people who support each other and help find solutions for things.

Whether its technical support, emotional support, or just general support of you know there is someone listening, instead of just screaming into the void because you have a goal and feel like there is no way of achieving it. But I believe in you all, and I hope we can work together to achieve this.

So, my budgeting buddies, please be kind. Much love…

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