July 2019 goal review

Hey budgeting people,

As you all know, goal setting is something which I feel is vital to day-to-day living. Of course, setting the goals are only step on in achieving them.

The second step is having a plan, and the third step is monitoring progress.

This is my progress for my goals, in July 2019.

For my emergency fund, I have only managed to put in $68. Despite budgeting $113. I transferred $45 from my Emergency fund into my checking account to prevent it from going under the minimum required balance.

Not a great start for trying to reach the goal of $1,000. What adds salt to the wound is. it occurred because I failed to plan.

I knew I was going out and cash may be needed. Then I left all the envelops at home.

Next month, I will need to put $145 in the Emergency fund rectify this situation. I cannot afford to replace the money I spent with the envelops I currently have.

My emergency fund total balance is $198.26. To reach my goal, I will need an additional, $801.74 to my Emergency fund by the end of the year.

As for my overdraft, it has gone from £1,981.77 to £1,705.98. This is a reduction of £275.79. This is from two payments, one being June’s paycheck and one being July’s.

For my first debt payment from intentional spending and budgeting, in a long time, I don’t think I did a bad job.

My personal loan account has £101 waiting for the next payment to be taken out of it. As time goes on, I can get ahead of the payments, and build up a reserve so I can pay it off in a lump sum payment.

This will be my second focus when the overdraft is paid off.

I have not yet done my six-month budget plan or my budget plan for 2020. However, by next month, I hope that I have achieved both of those goals.

Although it is likely that they will be changed frequently as time goes on, I like there will be something to help me forecast and modify my goals when necessary.

As the first month in years, I am being intentional and paying off debt systematically, I am proud of myself for setting those goals, and making progress.

What about you?

What is your total paid to debt?

What is your biggest achievement to date that you are proud of? Also, what is the biggest goal you have set yourself, that you achieved?

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