July 2019 End of the month budget review

Hey budgeting people,

Here is my first end of the month check in! Say what? If I was to give myself a rating – and I actually have, I would give myself, a C! As it is the first time I am budgeting publicly, and as I didn’t do too horrifically, I would say this month went pretty well.

Down below is the breakdown:

So, you all have seen the numbers, now here is the justification. Or explanation on why I made the money moves that I did. And in some cases, me getting mad at myself, for overspending.

For my debt payment, I technically went over. However, $215 of this is last month’s paycheck. My paycheck and my spending tracking tend to not mesh well as I get paid on the first Friday of the month, and my spending tracker starts on the 1st. However, I am happy with what I managed to achieve in this category.

Unfortunately, I could not put the full amount of $113 to my emergency fund as I forgot when doing my budget that I had a minimum of $25 needed in my account at all times, so when I did my budgeting and cash envelops I didn’t have enough to cover the minimum and the gym membership.

For all my sinking funds, I paid the full amount I had budgeted and thankfully stuck with it, forgetting they were there. I would give myself an A for effort in sticking to my budget in these categories.

The gym is a fixed expense. I am happy I stuck to my budget with this. However, I am less happy that I didn’t use it very often. As a goal, I would like to use it once a week to start with.

For the Presents category, I didn’t manage to stick to my budgeted $0. While there were no birthdays, there was a baby shower. I would have felt bad not getting something for it.

The blog was budgeted $0, while I have now got the pricing in mind, I will only start to contribute in later months. I am excited to start this as it means I can get the blog up and running properly. 

In my fun things category, I went over by about $20, which is not great. I had an unplanned activity which in all honesty, did not want to say no to. It was someone I hadn’t spoken to in a month or so, and I wanted to hang out with them. We went and saw Spiderman, which I loved and can completely see why everyone likes Tom Holland.

While I didn’t go over per say, in food. I did buy things I didn’t need and were not the healthiest or most fulfilling. So next month my goal is to only get one unhealthy item or Starbucks. Considering all my meals and snacks are provided, it shouldn’t be as hard as I imagine it is going to be.

I am happy to report I managed to stick to the $0 budgeted amount for clothes. So good job to me. Although there really are a few items of clothing and shoes I do need but will get soon.

I did spend about $10 in personal this month, however I wasn’t technically over budget as I used my wallet money to buy it. Now I need to repay that, but that is why it’s there. I will in future need to have some money in the envelop to cover any more miscalculations.

These are fixed from the bank. I can’t get rid of them and I have no intention of changing banks for a few months. May sound bad to you guys but the amount of personal time and organising is not worth it.

My other category was all covered by last month’s paycheck; so, while I technically didn’t go over, I am still unhappy. I really shouldn’t have multiple items listed as other, so I need to work on that. I also just need to no go into target or the amazon website.

Now, enough about me. How did your budgeting go?

What grade would you give yourselves?

Also, which are your biggest budget busters?

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