July 2019 Budget plan

Hey budgeting people,

This is my first budget plan. This is for the month of July 2019. Hopefully, I can stick to it! Keep your fingers crossed for me. Without any further ado:

My budget is arranged in importance/ when I pay it.

I start with debt payments as that is my priority.

If you have read my debts explained post, you know what a mountain I have to conquer. While $200 isn’t a huge amount to pay towards debt, it is a start.

Unfortunately, my debts are not in dollars and due to exchange rates, it only comes out to about £150. This does cover my mandatory minimum payments and it is a start to chip it away my first debt.

Every little helps, as Tesco would say.

In future months, I aim to put $230 (£175) towards debt; which is an incredible move in the correct direction. Hopefully some extra money will appear, and I can add some snowflake payments.

The second highest priority, and the second thing to leave my account is my Emergency fund. I have budgeted $100 per month in order to build that up to at least $1,000. This is due to the fact I do not want to feel restricted, but I also want a decent Emergency fund.

For taxes, I am currently responsible for paying all my taxes in April. To make sure I have the money, I have set aside $100 each month. If I stick to the budgets the next couple of months, I should hit that goal, no problem.

My Christmas sinking fund goal is $140. Everyone I am buying for are either aware of my goals, and won’t hold it against me, or they are too young to care about the monetary value of gifts.

For the adults, I also intend to give them time. I.e. babysitting– which they have appreciated in the past.

My Travelling fund is $300 this month, which is higher than my debt repayment. However, I am in my early 20’s and living in a new country. I want to explore while I have the opportunity. As I won’t have this much freedom timewise again. I want to take full advantage of the fact that I can just take weekend trip to a different state.

The slush fund is just a precaution to make sure that I have an extra buffer to help me keep track in my budget. It is not in my checking account because if the money is there, I will spend it.

My gym membership is always $47 per month. This is a contract, so I need to make use of it, while I have it. I will be glad when it’s gone. I do need to use it more, which I am actively working towards.

For my presents fund, I am grateful that there are no birthdays this month which requires presents. Therefore, nothing is budgeted.

The blog to get started is going to cost some cash, so I have started an envelope which I will fund, so I have some money ready for the start-up costs.

I have planned a kayaking trip, which will be about $20, so that is where all my fun money is going. I know it sounds expensive however I did not book it.

My food budget is the standard I usually do $20. This is to prevent me going to the grocery store and buying junk food. I can usually go out to eat and tip for $20. or it

For my clothes and personal I don’t need anything as I just bought some.

Fees unfortunately are a thing I can’t avoid with my bank, as you pay the fees if you have an account. I will just say, coming from somewhere that doesn’t have bank fees built in, this is very different part of life in the USA that I hadn’t anticipated. Or enjoyed.

As for other, I have put nothing in it as I have money in my wallet. If I use the wallet money, then I will fund this again.

What do your budget plans usually look like? Also, what is the biggest thing you budget for?

What is the one thing you hate having to spend money on? Mine is toilet paper.

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