Welcome to the craziness of life… and money

Hello and Welcome to It’s a budgeting life for me!

I am so excited to get to know you, and your journey while you learn about mine too. You have probably heard this before, but I believe money is personal, and that translates into my personal budgets as well as my coaching clients too.

This blog is mainly my financial journey; as well as articles with tips and tricks and opinion pieces too. It covers mainly, money management, saving, and budgeting. Some investing will be mentioned as well, but as I am financial coach, not a financial advisor – please note that comments on investing are my opinion and not advice.

If you are interested in the financial life of the person behind the blog, that is available too! I try and be as candid as and transparent as possible, whilst not invading my own personal life.

P.s. before delving into things, please read the public announcement as I want a nice community for all of us. https://itsabudgetinglifefor.me/2020/07/25/public-announcement-please-be-kind/

Also, if you want to know where my journey started: https://itsabudgetinglifefor.me/2020/07/26/my-rocky-debt-journey-so-far/

Thank you, and much love!
I look forward to getting to know you all soon!

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Bankruptcy UK edition…

Hey budgeting buddies, Here is a post, which I will be quite honest with you, didn’t even occur to me to write. I was speaking with a coaching client of mine, and they told me, they were thinking about declaring bankruptcy. I will honestly admit it took me a minute to calm myself down because […]

May 2021 Budget plan

Hey budgeting buddies, Long time no see… So that was a long break and for that I am sorry. Long story short, I have been keeping up with my debt payment plan, however I did just need to take a bit of a break. So let’s get on with the Budget plan… Like always my […]

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